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  1. Why are guinea pigs's teeth different lengths? "Our dentist has ... What might happen if the teeth ... Unless your cavy has misaligned teeth or some other problem - this ... - Cached
  2. Dental problems in guinea pigs ... teeth of guinea pig and it is when the molar teeth tend to lean inwards at a more acute angle than normal. What happens ... the new tooth has ... - Cached
  3. What kind of dental problems can guinea pigs have? Some of the problems ... If your vet is unfamiliar with guinea pig teeth, he/she can also consult with a veterinary ... - Cached
  4. Pinta suggests observing your guinea pig for ... rays in diagnosing various teeth problems ... See also: Elongated Roots Pinta has had numerous guinea pigs with dental problems ... - Cached
  5. ... happens when your guinea pig ... teeth are overgrown or crooked, your vet can regularly trim them and stop problems before they start. In young guinea pigs ... your guinea pig has ... - Cached
  6. If your guinea pig has ... dietary problems. Start off by taking your guinea pig ... pig's teeth are usually worn down naturally by eating hard foods. If your guinea pig's ... - Cached
  7. my guinea pig's two front teeth snapped in half, i know that this sometimes happens but the problem is she ... sure your cavy is ... My guinea pig has his front teeth broken ... - Cached
  8. It seems that heart problems in guinea pigs ... or deny that heart problems in guinea pigs even exist. This may happen not ... to the health of your guinea pig). Her teeth have ...
  9. ... WILL HAPPEN TO THE GUINEA PIGS EITHER AFTER YOUR ... and has been the cause of many eye injuries. Being rodents, a guinea pigs's teeth ... problem with guinea pig ... - Cached
  10. ... of research into your poor Cavey s problem ... some one who has not seen what your pigs mouth looks like. From what I have read, teeth ... (Q) My guinea pigs teeth break quite ... - Cached